We are growing flowers because we can’t help ourselves. We are growing them in West Oakland because it is home, because empty lots abound, because the soils are sandy and the summers are kind, because it’s as local as it gets for bay area flower buyers. 2012 is our trial year. On 1,200 square feet of an empty West Oakland lot we are growing godetia, sweet peas, triteleia, zinnias, euphorbia, and goldenrod and dozens of others. We use sustainable growing practices, our main inputs being compost and care.
Flower design is an opportunity to bring into focus the seasonal changes happening in our local hills, in our gardens, even in forgotten urban curb strips. Not only do we cultivate our own flowers, we gather from wild areas and overgrown back lots—amaryllis from an old homestead, weedy queen anne’s lace along the highway, twisty-smooth native madrona—we take direction from what is flourishing around us.
With flowers we’ve grown and branches we’ve gathered, we celebrate the temporal beauty that each season yields through floral design. Our arrangements evoke the wild, architectural, nature-lab, edible, elegant… Whatever the style, whatever the occasion, we grace the day with unique, truly local flowers.
about us
We are a sister team, thrilled to be working together again after a 5-year break from a landscape design and installation partnership. Kendra has a background in commercial vegetable production, farmer services, agricultural land preservation and native plant restoration. Tori is a landscape architect, award-winning designer, builder, plant enthusiast and forager.


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